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The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy (originally titled as Tinker Bell and the River of Doom or alternatively Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy[1]) is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated fantasy film directed by Peggy Holmes. It is the fifth direct-to-video feature-length animated film in the Disneytoon Studios' Tinker Bell film series and the Disney Fairies franchise, based on the character Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy. The film features the voices of Mae Whitman, reprising her role of Tinker Bell, Christina Hendricks as a dust-keeper fairy named Zarina, and Tom Hiddleston as a much younger James Hook.[4]

The Pirate Fairy

Zarina, an inquisitive fairy, is amazed by the magic behind pixie dust and is determined to learn more. She secretly experiments with blue pixie dust, creating variants; however, experiments with the pink variant grow wildly out of control, causing an accident in Pixie Hollow. Her supervisor, Fairy Gary, prohibits her from working with pixie dust. In sorrow, Zarina takes her experiments and runs away.

They follow Zarina to the coast, where she became the captain of a pirate crew, including a young James Hook, who is apparently the cabin boy. The fairies retrieve the blue dust for a moment, but Zarina retrieves it after throwing multi-colored pixie dust at them that switches their talents. Tinker Bell becomes a water fairy, Silvermist a fast-flying fairy, Fawn a light fairy, Iridessa a garden fairy, Rosetta an animal fairy, and Vidia a tinker fairy (much to her horror and disgust). They struggle with their swapped talents as they search for Zarina and the pirate ship, in the process meeting a baby crocodile that takes a liking to Rosetta's new animal talent.

They find the ship and sneak in, where they overhear Hook talking about how the pirates met Zarina after drifting off course, and she became the captain with the promise of making the ship fly so that they could plunder anything without getting caught. The ship arrives at Skull Rock, where the fairies discover the pirates' camp and a mysterious Pixie Dust Tree, which Zarina has grown using the pink pixie dust.

The fairies attempt to retrieve the blue pixie dust but are caught when Iridessa loses control over her nature talent and reveals their location. Tink tries to convince Zarina to return home to Pixie Hollow, but she refuses because she feels unappreciated. With the fairies now captured, the pirates make regular flying pixie dust. Hook, curious about flying, convinces Zarina to use some on him. After joyfully flying around the cave, Hook double-crosses Zarina and traps her in a lantern, revealing himself as the real captain.

As the pirates sail towards the Second Star, the fairies return and use their switched talents to defeat the pirates and turn the ship. Zarina attempts to retrieve the blue pixie dust from Hook, who chases after her. Zarina gains a speck of blue pixie dust which she throws at Hook, who starts flying crazily as the two kinds of pixie dust react to each other. As the fairies fly away, Hook swears revenge on them and is attacked by the baby crocodile. Zarina returns the blue pixie dust to Tink and her friends, before preparing to leave. Tinker Bell offers her a chance to return to Pixie Hollow and she accepts, helping her friends sail the ship back. The other fairies wake up with no recollection of what happened.

Zarina is about to promise not to tamper with pixie dust again, but Tink convinces her to show off her abilities, restoring Tink and her friends' original fairy talents and allowing them to put on a beautiful Festival performance. Everyone congratulates them, and Zarina's alchemy talent is finally accepted.

Parents need to know that The Pirate Fairy is a direct-to-DVD Tinker Bell movie aimed at young fans of the popular Disney franchise. The movie focuses on what happens when one of the beloved fairies "goes rogue" and joins forces with pirates from Skull Rock to become the titular Pirate Fairy. There is a bit more violence in this installment than in others, because the pirates brandish swords and want to get rid of the fairies -- but no one is seriously injured (although James is bitten by a baby crocodile). This installment, like all of the Tinker Bell movies, focuses on the importance of teamwork and friendship.

In THE PIRATE FAIRY, Tink's friend Zarina (Christina Hendricks) is an inquisitive dust fairy who's tired of collecting pixie dust without properly understanding how it works. She asks her supervising fairy how the pixie dust is made, and he tells her that dust fairies aren't supposed to magically manipulate the dust, only gather and distribute it. Zarina decides to study magical books about how to conjure the dust -- an experiment that grows out of control and destroys parts of Pixie Hollow. Let go as a dust fairy, Zarina takes off and isn't heard from for a year, when she shows up unexpectedly to an all-fairy event and steals the potent blue dust needed to make pixie dust. Tink (Mae Whitman) and her friends follow her and realize she's not being forced to commit such a heinous crime -- she's the captain of a pirate ship! The fairy friends unite to stop Zarina from helping the pirate crew, led by clever cabin boy James (Tom Hiddleston), and make the ship able to fly above Neverland.

Join the most courageous crocodile you have ever met in The Pirate Fairy: Crocky's Chompin' Rescue game! Tinker Bell and her fairy friends have been captured by dangerous pirates, locked up, and hidden deep inside the terrifying pirate ship. What is more, their special talents have been switched up! Can you imagine that?

It's going to take someone small but extremely adventurous to help our friends get out of this sticky situation. Meet Crocky, a brave little reptile who is willing to explore the entire pirate ship, collect the fairy dust, and free all the pixies. However, he will never be able to get through this exciting challenge alone! Do you think you can lend him a helping hand?

To complete this thrilling adventure, Crocky needs to find the key on each level, free all the fairies, and safely reach the pirate flag that marks the end of the stage. It's the only way that you can move on to the next level of the journey! Sounds quite challenging? Don't worry; the fairies and their special talents will always be by your side and ready to help!

One of the main goals of each level is to find the hidden fairy, so you can make use of her unique talent. You will notice that each of your favorite characters from Pixie Hollow has a different skill than what you are used to! For instance, Tinker Bell now controls water. Step on the assigned places, then press the space-bar key to get propelled into the air by a water jet. Pretty awesome, right?

Along your journey, you will meet all of Tink's friends and experience their new talents! Rosetta will help you tame rats while Vidia controls the floating platforms. Silvermist is the new master of fast-flying, and Iridessa controls plants. Lastly, Fawn can make light burn through thick pirate boots. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

The path ahead of you is filled with obstacles! From rats to stomping pirates and spiders, many things can harm you along the way. Every time Crocky gets hurt, you lose a precious life. Make sure you collect all the eggs you can find to restore one of them! Check on how many lives you have left by glancing at the crocodile icons at the top left corner of the screen. You only have three at the beginning of each level, so be extremely careful!

The end of this exciting journey will find you in the captain's room, looking for the last captured fairy, Zarina. The keeper of the fairy dust will be hidden in a dark and hard-to-reach place in the room. Thankfully, you will benefit from the help of all your fairy friends and their talents!

Explore the magical world of Pixie Hollow through the eyes of Zarina in The Pirate Fairy: Pixie Dust Powers game! The roguish dust-keeper fairy has a real taste for adventure and overwhelming curiosity. Now you have the opportunity to accompany her as she discovers every corner of Pixie Hollow!

Don't miss the chance to join in on this thrilling journey and get a brand new perspective on the realm of fairies! Can you find the precious blue pixie dust that Zarina seeks so ardently? Dust off your fairy wings and get ready to be amazed!

The game consists of an exciting journey paced out in multiple stages. To advance, you will need to figure out ways to overcome the obstacles you come across. Most of the time, they will require you to collect ingredients and craft magic potions. However, you can always trade with your fairy friends to get elements easier. To move your hero, Zarina, all you need to do is click on the desired location. Watch Zarina fly towards the target!

Find out all what pixie dust is capable of (succeeded).Steal the vital blue pixie dust and use its endless magical properties on behalf of the Skull Rock pirates (formerly).Make things right (currently).

She is a dustkeeper fairy that once became a pirate "captain" along with James Hook and his crew by stealing vital blue pixie dust. However, Hook and his crew later betray her, wanting to use the blue fairy dust to fly their ship away from Never Land to pillage towns.

One year later, Zarina turned into a bad pirate and released pollen from the poppies, which put most of the fairies to sleep. She also tried to steal the blue pixie dust, which multiplies regular pixie dust. As Tinkerbell and her friends pursued her, they realized that she was a pirate captain with a few other pirates, including James. Not wanting to give up being a pirate, Zarina threw blue pixie dust at them, causing them to switch their talents. The next day, she watched the group of pirates singing. It was shown that Zarina had made another pixie dust tree so that the pirate ship would fly. James was the only one who could understand her completely. When Tinkerbell begged again for Zarina to come back, she had the crew lock them away in a cage by the cook. 041b061a72


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