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Macromedia Flash Mx 2004 Mac Download [UPD]

Updated Help and Documentation are only available in English and Japanese. The other language versions of Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 version 7.2 contain the latest previously localized help systems available; however the latest Documentation files in .PDF format are available in English on the CD-ROM or in your download file. Customers who update to 7.2 via the Updater Installer can obtain updated .PDF documentation here.

Macromedia Flash Mx 2004 Mac Download

Components Issues Addressed 87773 : Stand alone Scrollbar is not included in Flash MX 2004. 81829 : DataGrid can't display dataset dataprovider correctly. 95544 : Menu change event returns undefined for groupName. 95492 : Menu Component - Should not be able to key into submenus from a disabled menu item. 88021 : Components don't work correctly when doing loadMovie with _lockroot set to true in the movie doing the load. 86804 : Editable DataGrid does not work correctly with IME input. 86661 : Alert component can be dragged out of view with no way to get it back. 86659 : Window component can be dragged out of view with no way to get it back. 86651 : Accordion's change event's event object doesn't contain prevValue and nextValue. 86649 : When Accordion's openDuration is set to 0, the Accordion doesn't always change child panes. 86598 : Unable to open Menu component through keyboard when there is only one menu item in menubar. 86595 : ComboBox should not always fire change event when up and down arrow keys are used. 86589 : Setting monthNames for one DateChooser causes other DateChooser instances to change month names. 86578 : Tabbing into an editable DataGrid should select all the text in the focused in cell. 86570 : Setting NumericStepper's visible property to false via Components Inspector does not work. 86544 : ComboBox needs same restrict attribute that TextInput & TextArea components have. 86540 : ComboBox's open() and close() events firing at wrong time. 86536 : Disabled buttons with icons do not display icons. 86532 : When adding an removing text, TextArea becomes unusable -- un-scrollable and all the text keeps getting highlighted. 85999 : Tree code is checking isNodeVisible instead of isNodeVisible(node). 85009 : Changing background color in the Tree component using setPropertiesAt method does not work correctly when the openDuration is greater than 0. 84189 : ComboBox loaded into another swf closes dropdown while scrolling through the dropdown list. 80473 : Last line of multi-line text does not show in Alert. 80471 : RadioButtonGroup does not have addEventListener properly declared. 79454 : Unable to tab into editable combo boxes when tabIndexes are explicitly set. 79360 : Loader component has no visual representation on stage, nearly impossible to work with visual layout. 79207 : Disabling TextAreas causes CPU usage to reach 100 %. 76154 : Setting Button components' selected property to true via Property Inspector or Components Inspector does not work. 75321 : Scrolling in DataGrid when deleting items from the bottom of the grid disables scrolling. 71941 : Menu fires change event when rolling over items with arrow keys. 71844 : When using the ScrollPane component, and setting horizontal and vertical scrollPolicy off, and scrollDrag true, you can drag the content all the way off so you can't get it back. 71790 : DataGrid doesn't show items until clicking on the headers. 71760 : Horizontal scrollbar in TextArea component is not functioning properly when wordwrap property is set to false. 71754 : At runtime, components quickly flash to Times New Roman (or other serif font). 70730 : When using the ScrollPane component, if vLineScrollSize value is greater than value which is left to the end of scroll (maxscroll-currentscroll), mouseWheel will no longer work. 70161 : Content is scrollable within ScrollPane using mousewheel even if content fits into component. 69059 : MenuBar should dispatch events on behalf of its Menus. 69014 : Setting hPosition and vPosition for a TextArea causes text to scroll to end. 66040 : Radio Button gets focus when disabled and state can be changed from true to false and vice versa. 59164 : The Button component's label property is only readable when you first set a value for label. 58373 : Class styles do not work on the List component.

The following outline describes what can be accomplished by following the 3D Function Grapher guide after downloading the source files to your machine with Flash MX 2004 or Flash 8 installed.


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