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Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller

Cameron Cruise

Cameron Cruise can do it all when it comes to lesbian muff-munching and pussy-slurping entertainment. She can play the sweet mature MILF who needs to initiate curious teen girls into the wonderful world of lady-pleasing and respecting the snatch. She can do the dominating psycho sex fiend who goes around fisting, footing, and toy-ramming, and she's even into watersports. She can be sophisticated, and she can be nasty. This natural wonder whore is the ultimate in renaissance girl-on-girl porn. Born in Hungary, in a town called Jaszbereny on the Zagyva River, Cameron grew up admiring the celebrity flash and bling of the bigger cities like Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague, where armies of tall, leggy sluts roamed the streets in search of stimulation and fame. Cameron joined them as soon as she was old enough to and by the age of 25 was a hot star. She started doing mainly Euro Slut Teen films like "Pick Up Babes", before settling comfortably in her role as a deep-kissing, kneading, and vagina-lapping lesbian star. Working mostly with Viv Thomas, Girlfriend Films, and Lesbea, Cameron is building up quite the fanbase on both sides of the Atlantic. Now, she's a full-blown fish-hunting cougar with nearly 100 movies and plenty more fuck energy to go. Vaginas beware, lest Cameron cruise right through them, leaving her fuck mates blindingly blissful.

cameron cruise



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