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Unveiling the Secret: Why Bookmakers Always Win

The essence of human nature dictates that we are inherently self-focused, often paying little attention to the fortunes of others. This mindset leads to a misconception: that bookmakers always emerge victorious.

Why Bookmakers Always Win

It's more accurate to say that bookmakers consistently win, rather than "always" win. People tend to rely on their personal experiences. Suppose you placed a bet on a weekend football match and won. Your personal experience might lead you to believe that bookmakers don't always win because you won the bet, and thus, the bookmaker lost.

However, liste bookmaker don't just accept your bets on football matches; they accept hundreds of others on each outcome: win, lose, or draw. The betting odds typically look like this (taken directly from a real bet for a Premier League match - Manchester City away to Swansea):

Home 3/10 Draw 4/1 Away 9/1

Bookmakers use decimal odds because they believe it's advantageous for them.

Suppose you bet €10 on the home team at odds of 3/10. You win €3 if they win, returning €13 including your €10 stake. You lose €10 if they lose or draw.

If you bet on a draw at odds of 4/1 with a €10 stake, you win €40 if it's a draw, returning €50 including your stake. If either team wins, you lose €10.

If you bet €10 on the away team at odds of 9/1, you win €90 if they win, returning €100 including your stake. You lose €10 if they draw or lose.

Now, let's assume there are 100 €10 bets on the match. That's a total stake of €1000. Bookmakers' football betting odds work to ensure they win regardless of the outcome. They work ahead of what they calculate; betting experts calculate with great accuracy. They have access to extensive historical databases and live information on weather, injuries, etc., beyond what any individual has. If the bets they're receiving don't match their predictions, they adjust the odds to balance - they're the "manufacturers of football betting odds".

With those odds, for this €1000 stake, the bookmaker's desired return for each betting outcome is:

Bookmaker's desired return for each outcome:

Home Team: €300 Draw: €400 Away Team: €900

Unique balance, isn't it? That's why bookmakers always win in football betting!

Now, imagine this but instead of a €1000 stake, there's a €1,000,000 stake.

Now you understand why bookmakers always win.

Additionally, it explains why they appear on TV saying they only encourage you to win. Bookmakers just want to encourage more people to try and win by betting on their site or in their betting centers. Follow and trust us. We'll guide you on how bets will always beat the bookmakers.

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Currently, prominent Asian bookmakers include: 188bet, Fun88, w88, m88, 12bet, VeraJohn, 365bet, V9bet. These bookmakers offer betting odds for players. They receive the margin between the winner and the loser. They understand football probabilities, so the odds they offer are very high. Bookmakers calculate risks about which team and the possibility of winning or losing; they're analysts. Whether the home or away team wins or loses, the all nigeria football betting site still receives the players' margin of 3-5%.

Feel free to contribute and ask questions in the comments below - Wintips always provides accurate information and helps you win your bets.


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