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Guidelines for Betting Strategies and Experiences on International Football Bets

Football is the king of sports with a record number of fans worldwide. Due to its massive fan base, betting games related to the round ball also receive significant interest from enthusiasts today. So, what strategies should be applied to increase the winning rate when placing international football bets? Which bets should you choose? The following information football tips daily from experts at Wintips will help answer all your questions.

Experience in Placing International Football Bets

International football, with its diverse types of bets, is a form of entertainment chosen by many enthusiasts. When participating in betting, you can place various types of international football bets, including:

Handicap Bets

According to many experts, a 1-goal handicap bet indicates that the favored team is significantly stronger in the match. A 1-goal handicap clearly shows the disparity in strength between the two teams compared to a 1/4 or half-ball handicap. Players betting on over/under in 1-goal handicap matches have a high chance of winning, with the worst-case scenario being a draw. For effective international football betting and big wins, you should:

Choose the favored team with a 1-goal handicap.

Opt for the European Draw bet, wagering a moderate amount.

If the bookmaker offers a 1-goal handicap, choose the favored team (-1) and hedge half of the bet on the European draw.

Focus on main bets.

Running Bets (Live Bets)

Running bets are very popular in the betting market due to their ease and high reward potential. Therefore, they are always a preferred choice among many enthusiasts. When placing these international football bets, you should note:

Stay calm and maintain a cool head, placing bets gradually because impatience can lead to losing everything.

Avoid big bets, all-in, or going all-out.

Bet selectively, not betting on every match or game.

Monitor the high bet rates to place money wisely.

Choose leagues with many goals for betting.

Select lower than 1 odds for over bets when playing running bets.

Don't stay in running bets too long because if you win, you typically get a 3/4 handicap bet (winning half the money), but if you lose, you can incur heavy losses.

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Betting on Over/Under

There are many important factors that contribute to unexpected victories when placing international football bets with over/under odds. First, you need to learn how to bet on the over/under for the first half, selecting matches with a high Over rate because, according to virtual football experts, if the ball doesn’t score in the first half, it will in the second half.

When betting on over/under, you can access reputable betting sites to view historical head-to-head statistics, recent matches of both teams, etc. From this information, you can conclude that some matchups always result in Under and some always in Over. You need to analyze carefully to make more accurate decisions.

Betting Strategy

Analyzing the odds correctly is a no-lose betting tip that every bettor needs to master. Below are some effective strategies for placing international football bets.

Conducting Odds Analysis

To analyze the odds accurately, you need to gather and analyze relevant information about the match you want to bet on. Specifically:

The positions of the two teams in the league tables and international rankings.

The recent head-to-head history of the two teams, whether they are rivals, the average number of goals scored, etc.

The recent form of both teams, the win or loss rate.

The desire to win of both teams.

The match density of the players, whether any players are participating in multiple tournaments simultaneously.

The key players in the lineup, any players who are injured or suspended.

Other peripheral information such as weather conditions, fan support, political situation between the two countries, etc.

Managing Bets Reasonably

Choosing the right bets and staking reasonably is a factor that can increase your chances of winning up to 70%. Correctly placing your bets helps you earn significant profits and never worry about consecutive losses. To always win international football bets, you need to follow these steps:

Martingale betting (doubling the stake after each loss).

Betting 1-3-2-6 or 1-3-2-4: The betting method corresponds to the betting units for 4 matches. If you unfortunately lose or finish the 4 bets, you need to start over.

You should place a maximum of 2 bets on one match and play no more than 3 matches a day.

The highest bet amount should be 50-70% of the total capital per turn.

The above article is a summary of information football tips site guiding effective international football betting strategies and experiences. Applying the tips mentioned above will help you successfully conquer all large and small bets at betting sites today. To experience stylish and classy betting, quickly visit the website of a reputable betting site!


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