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Handcuffed Blonde

The moment he steps out of the door of the elegant London mansion where he has been hiding for almost three months, he will be arrested, handcuffed, driven to the airport and sent to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault. But Julian Assange, the blonde Australian founder of the Wikileaks website, has no intention of leaving the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been granted political asylum. And so the police patrolling the streets outside have settled down to wait. It could be a long wait.

handcuffed blonde

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On January 7, 2003, at approximately 9:30 a.m., Agent Kuperstein was driving around Victoria Plaza shopping center located at 1100 West Orange Blosson Trail in Apopka, Florida in a marked Border Patrol vehicle. Agents Cole and Perez were also driving around Victoria Plaza in an unmarked sport utility vehicle. According to the Agents' testimony and Agent Kuperstein's 1-44 Incident Report (Gov't.Resp.(Doc.21) at Ex. B), as Agent Kuperstein's vehicle was spotted by five Hispanic males working on the Sure Cuts landscaping crew, the five men threw down their equipment and ran. The Agents immediately began pursuing the five men. Agent Kuperstein apprehended one man on his own and assisted Agent Cole in apprehending another man.[4] Both men were handcuffed and placed in the back of the Agent Kuperstein's marked patrol car. As Agent Kuperstein drove from the back of the shopping center to the front with his lights flashing, he was met head-on by a red Isuzu Amigo, driven by a blonde female, later identified as Hudson. He had to turn on his siren and motion several times with his hand for Hudson to move her car so that he could get by.[5]

*1302 According to Agent Kuperstein's testimony, he then pulled up alongside James Shelton's vehicle. Agent Kuperstein determined that Shelton was the owner of Sure Cuts and that he was employing the five Hispanic men through a payroll service. Agent Kuperstein told Shelton that he could collect his equipment and leave. As Agent Kuperstein was getting back into his vehicle, Hudson approached him in her vehicle at a high rate of speed. She allegedly exited her vehicle and came towards Agent Kuperstein shouting obscenities. Agent Kuperstein attempted to back Hudson towards the rear of his vehicle when she allegedly lunged at him, grabbing his shoulder. He freed himself and Hudson slapped him, knocking off his sunglasses. Agent Kuperstein pepper-sprayed Hudson and while Agent Kuperstein was trying to restrain Hudson, the two fell to the ground. While on the ground, Shelton approached saying "leave my wife alone." Agent Kuperstein pepper-sprayed Shelton and Shelton backed off. Hudson was handcuffed and Agent Kuperstein called Agents Cole and Perez to assist him.[6] All of this occurred less than ten (10) feet from CruzMarquez and Guatemala-Ramirez sitting in the rear of the patrol car. 041b061a72


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