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In a preliminary analysis, four experts (BF, JAB, TG, and Ms Natalie Grima (Labbé et al. 2019)) annotated 44 papers. Each paper was presented in PDF format while the markup-language counterpart was also downloaded in XML-JATS or HTML for further processing. Experts performed manual fact-checking, involving paper reading to identify nucleotide sequences, delineation of the purpose of each nucleotide sequence in the reported experiments, as well as the analysis of the BLASTN results they obtained. Among the annotated 44 papers mentioning 77 error-prone sequences, 21 sequences from 12 papers triggered discussions and all conflicting cases were resolved after reaching consensus. This preliminary analysis stressed two kinds of issues. First, the wording of some papers was either ambiguous or difficult to understand. Second, all papers mentioning any nucleotide sequence not related to the human genome or transcriptome required the identification of the appropriate nucleotide sequence database for reagent fact-checking.

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