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What is the first/last table bet? 100% Effective playing experience ✅

Introduction to First/Last Table Betting

First/last table betting is a familiar concept for most players. As the name suggests, this type of bet predicts which team will score the first goal and which team will score the last goal in the entire match. In addition to first/last table betting, to cater to the entertainment needs of players, some bookmakers also offer various other betting options, such as both teams not scoring, the first goal scorer, and so on.

First/last table betting is usually participated in through two different forms: players can bet on a single half or on the entire match, depending on individual preferences. Typically, betting on the entire match attracts more attention from players. For first/last table betting on the entire match, points are calculated based on the entire official playing time plus extra time, and goals not recognized by the referee are recalculated.

For most bettors, this is considered a simple and easy-to-play bet, and many bookmakers offer it with different odds. It's not surprising that more and more gamers are choosing to participate in this type of betting.

How much can you win with first/last goal bets?

Betting on the first/last goal can help you acquire significant betting amounts thanks to high odds, which are often much greater than Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets.

Typically, bets with higher chances of winning have odds around 1.5 or higher. On the other hand, bets with odds ranging from 3-4 times or even up to ten times may yield substantial winnings, but they are more challenging and rarely result in victories.

For example, consider a match between Chelsea and Man Utd. In this bet, you are win football prediction the team to score the first goal. Chelsea has odds of 1.51, Man Utd has odds of 3.04, and the option for both teams not to score has odds of 9.90.

Calculating the winnings is straightforward in this type of bet, as there are no cases of half-wins or half-losses. Instead, you either win all or lose all.

The formula for calculating winnings is as follows: Winnings = Bet amount x Odds.

For instance, if you bet on Chelsea as the team to score the first goal in the mentioned example, with a stake of 100,000 VND and you win, your winnings would be: 100,000 VND x 1.51.

Key points to understand about first/last table betting

Guide to reading the odds table

On bookmakers' betting boards, when it comes to first/last goal bets, you will find accompanying information such as:

  • Tournament name and names of the two teams participating in that match: This is essential information that cannot be omitted.

  • Timeframe of the bet: First Half (H1) or Full Time (FT).

Additionally, there are other betting options like:

  • First Goal: Placing a bet on the team that will score the opening goal after the opening whistle.

  • Last Goal: Betting on the team that will score the final goal before the final whistle.

  • No Goal: Equivalent to betting on the match ending with a 0-0 score.

According to general conventions, each bet corresponding to each team has only one specific number. This number represents the odds offered by the bookmaker for that outcome if it wins.

Depending on the capabilities of each team, the odds will vary, and this figure constantly changes as the match progresses.

Regulations on first/last table betting

Not every goal scored is recognized and counted in the betting result. Goals for first/last table betting are acknowledged as follows:

  • Validly Scored Goal: A goal recognized by the main referee and displayed on the match's scoreboard. This means goals resulting from offside, fouls, etc., are not counted in the betting result.

  • Own Goal: Points are credited to the opposing team.

  • Match Cancellation Before Kick-off: Tickets are canceled, and the bet amount is refunded.

  • Match Cancellation After Kick-off and Before Any Goals: Tickets are canceled, but no refund is provided. If a goal has already been recognized, the bet on the first goal is counted, and the bet on the last goal is canceled.

How to place bets

Once you understand what first/last table betting entails, the next important step is to know how to place your bets. Here's how to bet specifically:

  • Betting Time: You can place your bet either before the match starts or while the match is ongoing but before any goals have been scored. Once a goal has been scored, you can only bet on the last goal.

  • Odds: Calculated at the moment your ticket is confirmed.

  • Betting Procedure: Click on the odds of the outcome you want to bet on, then enter the amount of money and confirm.

Tips for successful first/last table betting

Choose a reputable betting site

When choosing to participate in first/last table betting, it is advisable to research and consider placing bets with reputable bookmakers. This will help limit the risk of falling for bait bets from fraudulent bookmakers. Moreover, selecting a reputable bookmaker will enable you to analyze favorable odds and increase your chances of winning.

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Prioritize over/under bets

The above bet is considered stronger in all aspects. Typically, the strength of the bet can be easily identified through the odds ratio provided by the bookmaker. Low odds usually indicate the above bet, while high odds signify the under bet. For first/last table betting, most players tend to choose the above bet because of the higher likelihood of winning.

Thoroughly research both teams

If you meticulously study information about both teams, the likelihood of winning can be around 70%. Players should investigate which team is more likely to score first and which team will score the last goal. Additionally, bettors should research other relevant information about the match, such as team line-ups, players on the field, tactics, etc., to help analyze and make more accurate predictions.

Consider handicap bets

Currently, the handicap bet includes the option for both the first and last goals. This means that this type of bet is placed during the match. To capture the most accurate handicap bets, players need to continuously observe and analyze the match, paying close attention to the odds to identify the most attractive betting options.

Learn from the experiences of expert tipsters

Betting on the first/last goal is currently a popular choice among gamers. Consequently, the number of match analyses will continually increase.

Therefore, to effectively analyze matches, you need to scrutinize specific information and choose bets wisely. Additionally, it is advisable to combine various match 1/1 odds analysis methods and gather data from reputable websites to enhance your chances of winning.

From this article, it can be seen that betting on the first/last goal is quite simple and easy to play. Here are all the comprehensive and detailed information about first/last goal betting. We hope that the experiences shared by Wintips above will help you achieve easy victories and bring in substantial winnings from the bookmakers.


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