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Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword on Steam

we reached kootenay crossing at four, and most of us were on the move as soon as supper was over. we had overtaken all the sleepy heads and were alone in the night. our first task was to unload, which we promptly did, despite the fact that the last load contained the household contents of the head honcho of the outfit, and his wife. when the dust was settled, we looked at the pack animals, got them pampered, gave them some feed, and made plans. camp was established just back from the great fire track, and we all pitched in to prepare supper, so that it could be eaten as soon as it was cooked. then we went at the horses, since some of them were hungry, and the provision boxes were off the trail, and we got the rest of our bedding rolled.

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the coming of the horses had been the signal for the prospectors to be on the alert, and they too were following us along at the trot. to these we made ready our packs, and, of course, also a few drinks, for it was the only evening in the two weeks that might bring relaxation for some of us, and this was ours. the prospectors did not appear until about nine, when, of course, all was in, and they, like most, made much of the fact that we had two days of grace to make the division before the mail time. the sweet melancholy music of the pipes, as they flashed their dim beams in the starlight, and the distant echo of our horse-hoofs, hastened our return to the fire, and made us burn the midnight oil, for at my midnight watch i watched the wavering sparkles on the mountain peaks, mark the shifting shadows on the darkling canopy above me, and i smelled the wood smoke from the fire, and, noting the firelight, from a camp-fire fifty yards off, came the joyful sound of a voice, raised, but quiet. in contrast to the surrounding silence, it sang of the joy of living and of the call of the wild, and was the sweetest music i have ever heard, and the call of the wild echoed and re-echoed through that magic hour.


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